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Almost seven years ago this motorcycle jump into my mind and since then I couldn't think about any other motorcycle. I had a clear idea: get one. But that was way to easy and will not bring that much joy after a time, so this is what I did.

I waited for a time, searching and learning more about this model until I had the space in my garage to have one in a condition that will need some restoration. This would make me wish it, learn about it, and work with it in a way that no part of it will be strange for me.

Lucky for me, on the 1st of september 2018 this dream was made truth thanks to a great man that was looking just for someone like me to sell his R25/3. 


Why am I writing this story?

It has much to do with the last point of the before question. To show that a title is not that worthy as the willingness to learn and to work. I am no engineer, I am an architect with passion for what I do.

Also, for this very model and in general for classic motorcycles there aren't many videos of how to repair it (on a budget), but maybe this have more to do with the Youtube Channel.

What will I write?

Everything, starting from the price of the motorcycle to the very last part or product I have to buy for it. Also I will write everything that I do with it, how I search for information and the information I find. I will try to write it as a Blog but mostly the info will be in YouTube, as for me it will be easier to share it this way. No one is sponsoring this, so the budget will be always whatever I do find for a better price and match the best to bring back my beautiful BMW to a mint condition.


Why no to buy one already finish or send it to a workshop?

First, because what you learn by having patience, searching, trying and sweeting is just something you won't learn from any book or university. The joy of seeing how the machine that didn't turn any head or work, works and is attractive is totally worth the effort.

Second, because keeping a budget in mind and fixing the parts with sweet instead of money makes more sense than just throwing some money to fix it.

Third but most important of all, to show people that you don't have to be engineer to do this. With the amount of information around us in this days is less worthy a university title than some willingness and hard work. 


And just like this everything started... with the BMW R25/3 arriving at my workshop...

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