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Your smartphone is portable, wireless and light. Why if you are running out of battery, should yo left it in a box everysingle time you are in a shop or in a disco. Precisely those are the moments when you want to use your phone. You want to take pictures of the clothes and ask your friends their opinions. You want to make photos with your friends while dancing and be able to finde those coming late. You shouldn't be leaving your phone in a cage, just to have some more battery.

That is BiTu. BiTu is the Spanish way of saying Be Two.

Bitu is a public service in wich you can rent external batteries to use with your electronic device when you run out of battery. Take it, use it and return it all under 1€ per charge , with no membership club, app or need of anything more than your ID/passport and some coins.

Vending machines will offer you a standard battery, with a volume and weight enough not to be comfortless but with the enough amount of power to give you up to a 100% battery. Imagine that... giving 1€ to finde your friends at a party... giving 1€ for being able to get a Uber back to home... Easy as that. Because we don't want you to experience less because your phone can't catch you, we want you to BiTu.

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