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Su-Chef want to get into the kitchen of the people, first as an App and then as a tablet. This offer the posibility to people of managing what they have in their kitchens and what they can do with it. No more “what can I cook” unsolved, no more expired food, no more duplicates shoppings by mistake. 

See what you have in the kitchen, when will it expire, receive information of what you should eat and make a healthy weekly menu on a click of a bottom. 

Get exotic recipes of all over the world that match you every time and share them with your friends. 

Forget about touching your phone with dirty hands and moving it dirty until you clean it. This device is design to fit in, and only in, your kitchen. Easy to clean and just the right amount of technology make it the best option as a cooking book and helping app for you.

At the moment, design and app are being developed and we will start searching for partnership in the next time. 

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