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My top ten investing ideas for the next decade

Tesla - Even with the price as high as now it is (over 1.000$), this company has the potential to be worth 500b in less than a decade as shown in my other post. The technology they have, and the many areas they are disrupting old business models could make them worth 4 times the value they now have. Even further, one trillion would be not something crazy if they manage to expand the business as they have been doing now. Who knows what the next great idea from Elon Musk will be. Nevertheless, I think that the actual price is way too high as even by delivering cars at such pace the market cap is way over companies with much more impact in the world as Toyota or VW. As for now, with an economic crisis incoming and doubts about employment the price should be something around 400 and 700. In any case, I am still bullish for the long run.

Uber - Tesla is to cars what Uber is to mobility, they are disrupting the industry. In this case focus should be made in autonomous driving and their development of new ways of transportation both road and aerial. Once they can get closer to that point they will for sure will set prices in the transport industry that no one could compete with. Even if this moment is far from now, I see no problem of this coming to a good end as all new technologies are focusing in the same direction. The best about them, they are focused… While other “may” or “could” develop autonomous technologies, they “have to” as it is the logical way of making the business grow. By the way, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they end up buying some companies of electric autonomous buses. The actual price is far from the bottom and from highs, so the entrance point for the long runners is now.

NCC - It is clear since years, and now thanks to the tensions between China and USA it is more clear than ever. During the past 6 months over 100.000 USA based companies have changed production from China to India according to Bloomberg. During the last four years many analysts have made focus on the fact that the common language and willingness of India could make the biggest and fastest developing economy in the next decade. By being there one thing is clear, they need to improve infrastructures in order to be efficient and competitive. Their actual roads are a complete disaster, not only because of the chaos in their driving style, something worth seeing; but because of the condition these roads have. Their pavement condition make imposible for trucks to drive faster than 40km/h, making any transport within the country or to ports a long and costly process. And things don’t get better when we talk about train transport, as the network is already up to the limits. This is why NCC, one of the biggest infrastructure construction companies in India could be one of the winners of this fast development. The actual price is far from its maximum (almost 90% down from top) but this shouldn’t be a concern as the amount of debt put this company at no risk. 

Iridium - They were trendy during the 90's and early 2000´s, the perfect example of how a bad and no customer oriented design could bring the best of the ideas down to hell. The idea of having a world wide carrier with the same cost as having a country carrier was a breaking concept for the late 90's when people were just starting to have a mobile phone. They launch 78 satellites to create their world wide network (78 is the position in the elements table of the Iridium) but they failed when they choose to sell a phone with a brick form design with a big antenna in the same year that Motorola launched their V5 (the tiny flip phone with a mouse phone and almost no antenna). They crashed but they are back. The company has changed hands and even business. By using the 78 satellites and some more that they are launching they are creating a new way of reading planes in the skies. Forget the bi-dimensional map that is normally being used, Iridium is developing a 3D mapping system that will open the door to a more dense sky. More densification will be needed if things like taxi-drones and delivery-drones, just to mention two, arrive in the near future. Even if this doesn’t happen, at the pace the flying industry was growing (before Corona) make something necessary. Therefore in my opinion in the next decade this stock could pop as high as 150$/stock without problem.

Iberdrola - Think about what you use each day, every single moment of your day, all around you that we didn’t use that much one decade ago: electricity. We use more than ever for our cars, phones, computers and even watches. Even if we are now able to get this electricity from the sun without going far from our homes, the electricity business is growing at an astonishing pace. Companies like Iberdrola are focussing, investing and developing new technologies, installing green power plants (either solar, wind or sea-energy) in the best places before no one else takes the spot. They have contracts not only in Spain, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands are now part of their portfolio. Even New York City has granted some space to develop a wind farm to provide green energy to the great apple. The actual price is almost at maximum but with an astonishing 4,5% dividend it is really a stock to buy. Others like Red Electrica (REE.MC) are following the same path and with a dividend of 6% could also be one to buy.

Coca-cola - Few to be said. Continues growth, great numbers, great product, great dividend. Is one of those “must own” stocks. By the way, if you still think that they only sell Coca-Cola search in Wikipedia their portfolio. They have carbonated drinks, water, sport drinks, energy drinks,… they are more present in our daily drinks than what we think and they are so global and international that you can’t avoid them. Is Pepsi ok? In this case, yes! Very same reason to buy Coca-Cola. Choose your favorite one, buy and keep for life.

Boxlight - Nothing is the same as one hundred years ago. We move in another way, we talk, enjoy our free time and work in ways and places that didn’t exist one hundred years ago. But we educate our children in the very same way. That will gradually change with the incorporation of online teaching, virtual platforms and interactive working spaces. This is where the people of Boxlight have been working, to bring to our schools new ways of working, new options to learn and even make it online (something really interesting as of 2020). The price is way low as at the moment they are just a small company with some products, but the needs of the schools all over the USA in the short and long period will bring this company from around 1.5$ all the way up to the 15$ in the next decade.

American Manganese - If electric car/plane/drone/bus/truck is the future, recycling the batteries will be the necessary future. Not only because these batteries are pollutant, but because some of the components inside are rare to find and necessary to reuse. According to Bloomberg, the amount of batteries being recycled in 5 years will be an amazing 400% more than the amount of the batteries being recycled nowadays. American Manganese is one of these companies investing in future technologies in North America and Europe, that could profit of their stock boosting from the penny zone (0.20$) up to the 20$ barrier.

Fuel cell - I personally don’t think hydrogen cars will be the future, but hydrogen cells are extremely interesting for many other machines. For example trucks, who’s range should be more than what batteries can provide with the same weight and their speed is not that much as to don’t combine H2 and O in the right way could benefit of this technology. Also data banks and UPS systems, where hydrogen cells are already working as an efficient way of cooling and producing electricity at the same time in case of a punctual need of extra energy could boost this stock, as these two examples are growing industries concerned with clean and green energy.

Virgin Galactic - Last but maybe the most interesting one. One of the few companies of the Virgin Group to be in the stock market. The dream of Richard Branson as a child is now a reality about to make their first official flight with passengers. A trip into space that for some couple hundred thousands dollars will take you up in the skies and enjoy the planet from the stratosphere. This will be a business in expansion during the next decade as Blue Origin and SpaceX fight to get their business models rolling (or flying) to allow people to travel to space. But the interest is not only to sell expensive tickets to rich people, it is also to develop a super sonic flying technology that could be installed in commercial planes, bringing back faster flights (even faster as concorde) with less risk, price and contamination. 

These are just some minor detailing sentences about each company. I will talk more in detail about the work, product and goals of each company in following chapters. Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog.


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