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Let´s start from the very beginning.

What do we have?

Before opening the toolbox and getting the hammer lets see what do we have at the moment, and the condition of it.

This was already done during the buying process but with calm, in the workshop with no hurries or seller looking at you, you will find some nasty things or maybe some very good news for your budget of what you thought it will be difficult to solve.

I did this part always using the Manual of the motorcycle and the Workshop Manual. Also the Spareparts Catalogue is very useful thank to the detailed drawings.

After this we have to clean it, clean it as we are going to the races. We should see if there is anything else under there that we haven't seen jet and make sure that no dust will ruin our motorcycle by making some nasty rust. We will try to keep it always clean, specially if our environment is wet or not well ventilated.

So far so good for the first day...

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